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24x7 quality patient care assured through expert interventional and diagnostic radiology services.
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At our Radiology department, we use X-rays and different types of radiations to diagnose and treat various diseases. We offer both diagnostic and interventional radiology services. The services we offer include X-ray, PET CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, DEXA, fluoroscopy, intervention procedures, etc. And, all these services are provided in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our radiology department is fully equipped with a team of experienced, expert-trained technicians and skilled radiologists. They work 24 x 7 to ensure that quality healthcare is offered to anyone who requires our radiology services. Also, we work in close association with all other speciality departments to ensure that all the malignancies or threats to a person's health are identified on time. You can always rely on Maruti Hospital to offer you cutting-edge diagnostic technologies backed by specialised medical attention.

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Treatments & Procedures We Offer

We ensure the best diagnosis and reliable results with the help of cutting-edge technology, skilled technicians and doctors. Our radiology services are used in:
  • Angioplasty & stenting
  • Spider/varicose vein treatment
  • Non-surgical cancer treatment
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • CT imaging
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fluoroscopic imaging
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Dialysis access
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Nuclear medicine exams
  • TIPS for portal hypertension
  • Tumour ablation therapy
  • Uterine fibroid embolization
  • Wire localization (breast biopsy)
  • X-rays or radiographs
  • Whole-body DEXA
  • Cancer (interventional oncology)
  • Varicocele embolization/male Infertility
  • Biopsies and Drainage
  • 3D / 4D ultrasound and doppler scanners
  • Kidney and Ureter
  • Digital and computerized radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Venous access
  • Full-field digital mammography
  • 128 Multi-slice 128 CT scanner
  • 1.5 T MRI scanner
  • Biplane cath lab
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Our Radiology Team

Our Radiology Team

Dr. V. Raja Rajan, DMRD
Radiology & Imaging

Accurate Diagnosis, Timely Results

Make use of our expert radiology services today to get the right diagnosis for your health issues.
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