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Offering comprehensive care through the expertise of our experienced general surgeons.
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Healing Through Expert Operative Procedures

General surgery refers to the expert operative procedures adopted to treat injuries, deformities and diseases. We usually recommend operative procedures when medication alone cannot alleviate your pain or cure your disease.

Our general surgeons are armed with the expertise, incisive knowledge and experience in performing these operative procedures with ease. They can offer you comprehensive healthcare solutions through expert surgical procedures for any part of your body- stomach, liver, oesophagus, small bowel, pancreas, appendix, bile ducts, and colon, to name a few. We offer a spectrum of general surgeries using the latest technology, fully equipped operation theatres, laparoscopy procedures and imaging modalities. We aim to heal you and relieve you from long impending pains through compassionate care.

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Surgical Treatments Offered

Maruti Hospital is equipped to handle and offer exclusive care for all four aspects of general surgery- diagnosis, pre-operative care, operative care and post-operative care. We offer:
  • Surgical removal and procedures to treat alimentary canal issues( colo-rectal issues, appendectomy).
  • Treatment of skin and soft tissue related diseases and problems.
  • Surgical procedures to treat diseases concerning the peripheral vascular system.
  • Treatment of issues concerning the endocrine system.
  • Elective surgery, management of trauma and removal of cysts in the body.
  • Treatment of hernia, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures for abscess incision and drainage.
  • Cholecystectomy, elective splenectomy, and femoral hernia repair treatment procedures.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux surgery, laparoscopic bile duct exploration, and lymph node transfer.

Our Specialist Team Of Experts

Our Specialist Team Of Experts

Dr.P.Shanthini, MS (Gen.Surgeon).,
General Surgery

Specialist Surgeons, Safe Procedures

We help you heal and regain life with the help of our expert surgical procedures.
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