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Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

Providing painless surgical experiences with general and regional anaesthesia and effectual pain management.
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Making Surgeries Pain-Free

The efficiency of an anaesthesia service is critical to the success of all minor and major surgeries. Maruti Hospital's Anaesthesiology Department functions with a full spectrum of medical and surgical provisions to perform regional anaesthesia and nerve blocks with ultrasound guidance and nerve stimulators.The department is powered by a specialised medical team of doctors and nurses to provide the best anaesthetic care.

Our anaesthetic services cover an entire range of complex major surgeries, including cardiothoracic, general, urology, orthopaedics, vascular, and gynaecology surgeries. We adopt a systematic protocol that necessitates a mandatory pre-surgical fitness check up for the patient. In addition, our team works to make the surgical process pain-free and stress-free. We also follow a skilful approach for post-operative recovery.

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Anaesthetic Treatment & Procedures

The prime objective of our anaesthetic team is to alleviate pain during and after the surgery. To ensure that we offer the best management with holistic care, we adopt numerous medical techniques and approaches.
  • Pre-operative anaesthesia assessment
  • Pre-operative anaesthesia reassessment
  • Intra-operative anaesthesia monitoring
  • Post-operative anaesthesia recovery management
  • Palliative pain control
  • Epidural & analgesia for labour
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Critical Care

Our Critical Care department functions 24/7, offering comprehensive medical care for serious medical conditions. The department functions under the guidance of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses. Our Critical Care Unit (CCU) is primed to render the best care for anyone admitted with pulmonary, cardiac, liver, neuro, and kidney-related issues.

Critical Care Procedures

Respiratory failure
Kidney failure
Severe burns
Major trauma
Organ transplants
Sepsis and septic shock

Meet The Specialist Team

Meet The Specialist Team

Dr.V.Velkumar MD.,FICM.,Fipm.,
Dr.D.Uma Devi MBBS.,DA..

Pain Management Made Easy

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